Thursday, November 6, 2008

They look innocent enough!

Just don't let your guard down!

I had the most wonderful time Sunday afternoon, hiking through some of God's awesome creation! All the elements were present for the perfect fall day--crisp dry leaves to walk barefoot through, friends and family to walk with, encouraging conversation and the beauty of the earth--rolling hills, meandering streams, waterfalls and majestic trees!! We hiked all afternoon and I vainly thought that I must be in pretty good shape, a myth that was dispelled before our vehicle even reached our home driveway---I was wiped out!! But it was so worth it!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Of Coons and Bargain Shopping!

On Friday I headed to Dubuque to pick up my sister in law to do some birthday celebrating shopping. When I arrived in Dubuque, my brother came outside to let me know he had a special present for me in his garage! Imagine my excited anticipation! Upon entering the garage, I was met with the sight of a rather LARGE raccoon in a live trap! Drew said he thought I could tame her without too much effort! I'm sure he was thinking back to the time I had a pet coon name Gus (see above), but apparantly didn't remember that Gus turned rather aggresive in his last days with me, climbing on the dining room table and planting himself in the middle of the pizza that was meant for supper, and eventually giving me a good, hard bite through my finger! Even though this one had already damaged the live trap, Drew was confident that Beth and I would have no trouble putting it in the trunk and releasing her in the country on our way to shopping! Due to possible laws that may have been broken, I'll end my account here.

To sum up: We had a wonderful day of adventure and thrift shopping!